The Road to Cauldron

The Practical Application of Force

Phract Fourthson

The jungles of Chult are no more, and no less, dangerous as ever. We had only lost two guards, and it seemed mostly their own fault. The guard captain seemed pretty sure of herself, and had what I assumed to be a green baby lieutenant in tow. Some high official sat in a covered carriage at the end of the line.

I was in the caravan version of stowage. As a paying customer, I got to ride, but not much else. The company wasn’t terrible. I could tell the mostly knew how to carry themselves. You don’t end up in this area by accident, and you don’t live long if you are a fool.

Not even in the city yet, and I already started assessing the group for possible recruits. We had a young drow woman. Not the usual mopey, brooding type we see so much of. Bore you to death if they don’t stab you first. Probably yelling something about spiders, or poetry, or some thing about their mothers. This one put up running commentary about everything. I can only assume that if she stops talking, bad things happen. The act had me fooled for a bit, but one could tell there was something going on back there. A half orc, who didn’t carry any visible weapons, but looked like he really didn;t need any. I noted him down for later. Then a godsdammed harper. Couldn’t be anything else. No one else would wear one of those pins in public. He kept flashing what I could only assume were some kind of mind powers. I’ve seen wizards, and this didnt have the smell of magic.Knew another dragonborn with lightning in his veins, did that same sort of crap. Last I heard he had a haberdashery somewhere. Last was what looked to be a human, carrying a damned big sword. She;d bear watching.

We made it almost without incident. The lizard folk don’t usually attack this close to the city.The guards were doing their damnedest to protect the horses and wagons. Leave the paying customers to themselves, eh? Well, wouldn’t be the first time. They already got their fees from us.

I took charge of the defenses. The other showed that they had at least some expirence following orders. The drow seemed all to happy to run into battle at my command. The rest of us managed to take out the rest of the lizards. This may shape up to a decent crew.

In the aftermath, I found myself patching up my comrades A bit of battlefeild medicine is a nice way to make some friends. And I’ll likely need them in the coming weeks. The caravan guards mostly made it through. The horses and supplies too.

The high muckymuck decided to pay us a visit. I noted her down in my journal. Always pays to know a patron or two of the city. We cleaned ourselves up as best we could, and got moving again. No telling if the lizards had more friends waiting. In my experience, there are always more.

Cauldron. I haven’t been here in… too long. I doubt any of my old contact were still here. Still remembered that lake. Pretty hard to miss. More of that wizard crap. One of these days some underdark thing will make its way up from the depths and show how bad an idea it is.

The rest of my companions were also new to the city. By common concensus, we all decided to make our way to one of the inns.

We didn’t even make it down the road before getting involved with some local drama. Some local gang, doing what local gangs do. The half orc decided that we were getting involved. I’m not sure I agreed at the time, but I’m also not one to back down from a fight. More wizards. I hate wizards. The group waded in. We made short work of most of the gang. Some guy with a flail though he was a lot more dangerous than he was. He got a short, but lethal, lesson..

The whole thing kinda stank. I don’t believe in coincidences. Hopefully we;ll make it to the inn without meeting any more of the local talent.



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