On the Road Again

Brion Brissenden Chult Entry 1

I have arrived in Chult and made my way to the city of Cauldron, and while I have no mission here from the Harpers, it is always the duty of a Harper to keep careful notes of information and knowledge they have observed – especially in a place as unknown as Chult.

I hitched a ride with some locals from the port to the main city of Cauldron – I offered my services if needed, which seemed to entertain some of the guards. It seems that everyone in Chult either needs to take care of themselves or pay others enough to do so. The wagon train was fairly simple, and I found myself seated with a local merchant, a bard of some sort, and a rather quiet woman who goes by the name ‘Nyx’. She speaks little and carries a giant sword (And is rather effective with it, as I will note later). The journey through the jungle was interesting, but the attack of the lizardmen was certainly the most… memorable part of the journey.

A few hours out from Cauldron a group of lizardmen sprung an ambush. They had multiple magic users – at least one some sort of shaman or mage, accompanied by bruisers and other skirmishers. Most of these creatures fit the typical abilities that we would see in lizardmen, though the caster showed some significant competency in attacking multiple targets before being put down. I sustained some fairly significant wounds in the fight, but my fellow travelers lent me a hand and we survived.

Here is a quick rundown of those travelers I fought with, as I believe I may continue working with them while I am in Chult:

Nyx – as mentioned before, quiet and carries a big sword. She seems to use the shadows to her advantage, both in the practical and mystical sense. I am not sure what sort of training she has, but she certainly seems dangerous.

Phract – A dragonborn warrior of some sort – he has a mind for battlefield tactics, so I would assume he has seem some training as an officer or warleader. He was very effective in organizing us during both fights we have been together for, though he does seem to have glanced at me with disdain a few times. I am not sure yet if this has to do with my race, my powers, or my pin…. perhaps it is nothing at all. I have been rendered a bit paranoid in the last couple of years.

Sar’Vol – A large man, half-orc I believe. A merc as happy in an arena or a bar room, he seems to be quite strong and well versed in grappling and striking. While he seems rough around the edges, he was quick to protect both himself and those he was traveling with, which indicates to me more than just a survival instinct. He reminds me of my half-orc friend Ukratar, who moved into Mielikki’s embrace recently.

Sael’Faen – The most curious member of the entourage, we have a drow (on the surface) who has recently retired from her upkeep of a flower shop to adventure. She seems to share her mind with a possessing entity that channels both power and knowledge through her, but she seems to also give up some physical control to the entity while fighting. Who or What she has in her head is probably quite important, as a controlling force can be a significant liability while working with someone, but I certainly cannot just ask, not at this point. She is quite effective in combat, summoning shadowy aspects of the jungle itself to whip, ensnare and consume the life energies of those we fight against.

I will not recount the full battle, but I was able to use my telekinetic prowess to good effect. Specifically seizing the shaman and tossing him bodily into his companions. I still feel that I need to work harder to perfect my fine manipulation, but my training continues every day. Each of the people mentioned above was a significant help in the battle, and we decided to stick together within the city. A priestess of Kelemvor thanked us for helping defend the caravan, and paid our entry fee to the city for us – Kelemvor is an honorable god, and I hope that I may be able to aid her again while in the city.

On arriving and making our way to a local inn to arrange for a bed, my companions and I came across a gang called the “Last Laugh” harassing a man wearing the holy symbol of Torm. We rushed to his aid, as that was simply not something we could abide. After a veritable horde of gang members appeared, we had a rather spectacular fight (I dropped someone off a roof, it was quite effective). Once again, we worked well together and found a competent combat rhythm. Each gang member was wearing the same face paint, shown below:

I only hope that this does not indicate that religious folk are regularly harassed in this city, as that is often the death knell for a city in modern times. I will attempt to figure out more of what is going on in Chult, but so far, this wild land has continued to surprise.

- Harper Brion Brissenden



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