Cults And Chults

Making Friends

This city rankles me in weird ways. There is definitely something off about it. After an initial run in with the local enforcers for the gangs, we made it back to the inn orginally recommended by the caravan masters. We were able to talk to a local and find out a bit more about this place. The lay of the land, as it were.

It seems that the missing people out side of the city aren’t connected to those inside. But with the usual lethality of the jungles, its no surprise. One could disappear a lot of people out there without raising too much concern. As far as this guy knew, they were all ‘natural’. I’m not sure I believe him.

We spent the night without any trouble, and headed out to the city proper. We had heard a rumor about citizens going missing, and in particular, kids. I don’t have much use for kids, in general, but it makes me mad. Non-combatants are off limits.

Now, in my experience, missing kids almost always means cults. Cults are a nasty business. And once they go down the kidnapping, literally, path, they get even nastier. The local gang seems to be in on it. Not sure if they are actually part of the cult, or just in it for the money.

Hell, it may not be a cult at all, but that points toward nastier things.

And like expected, the gang came calling as we we started to make some progress. I’m not sure about these others yet. We certainly haven’t made any formal arrangements, but at least they seem to have my back. For now at least.

“Get the mage..” I said,.

I forgot that these others werent yet a cadre. We haven’t really learned how to fight together yet. And while we took down the mage fairly quickly, we somewhat scattered. I found myself pinned between two gang members. Getting stabbed hurts. A lot.



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